Wednesday, August 27, 2014

style smaller | izzy and ferd


Would like you guys to meet the new brand Izzy and Ferd!

With their name coming from the great explorers Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain. They believe in creating clothing for children to tell a story.  Their first collection 20,000 leagues is imaginitive and bright, featuring collective prints and graphics inspired from the greatest depths of the seas. I mean, hello, shark wardrobe! I love that they have kept their line simple and steady and gave us a great tease of what's to come from their fascinating little world! We hope you check them out and support them on their new journey in to children's fashion especially this maiden voyage!


Monday, August 4, 2014

FW14 | popupshop


Got to share some pieces of the lovely PopUpShop FW14 line. I can't even describe how much I love this line and how brilliant they are with creative design. The thoughtful process they put into each piece and create a realistic world of children's clothing. If you have on item in your child's closet that you go-to on a regular basis it is definitely the bear jaw hoodie. It is brilliant for any age. Their soft color palettes leave the bold prints to be the focus. We can't wait to see this line drop and how you guys decide to piece it together in your wardrobes! There is ALWAYS room for more animal print!


Friday, July 18, 2014

bobo choses | a day in L.A.

The Always impressive BOBO CHOSES line has now released their FW14-15 campaign and it brings me to a scene of glamour and charisma. Enter BOBO CHOSES: A DAY IN LA

In the morning at Echo Park, vain palm trees look at themselves in the mirroring waters, while swans praise them for their hairstyles.
What I saw is what I say, it’s just a day in L.A.

At noon on Sunset Boulevard, cartoons take a break from the screens and birds that go for a walk take off their hats to greet each other.
What I saw is what I say, it’s just a day in L.A.

In the evening, at the movie theatre, a giant peanut shushes a couple of fur coats that won’t let him listen to the film’s dialogues because they don ́t stop chatting.
What I saw is what I say, it’s just a day in L.A.

At night, over the skies of Venice Beach, stars that weren’t featured in the movies show off their best splendour hoping to pass the casting.
What I saw is what I say, it’s just a day in L.A.

keeping my eyes on the loveliest Fawn Shoppe who will be one of the US stockists for the collection