Monday, December 15, 2014

12.16.14 | red plaids and a little elf


Giving some Minnesota love to the local shop Primp Boutique. Love this graphic tee the designed for their affordable shop! I feel like I am piling red plaids on everything these days because nothing screams Christmas more than red flannels.

We are barely needing layers here which is shocking for mid-December and I am praying for one burst of snow before the holidays come, because Christmas should always be frosted white. And just like Santa I always have my little elf on hand to help me make sure that I enjoy the season. I am loving all the twinkly lights and the melodies of Christmas. I also feel like this is the perfect time to start reviving my obsession with Gilmore Girls, which I am awaiting someone to give me the last season on DVD since I have all the others. Hint Hint Andy in case you are reading this! I know the cold is just around the corner so when I burry myself by the fire I know I will need Lorelei's insightful parenting advice to get me through the months.

Until then I am definitely loving the process of creating a new home with an entirely idea. I was initially thinking I wanted a mid-century style, but it just didn't suit the home, nor did it feel completely true to my taste. Our new place is very cottage-esque is calling for a farmhouse modern look. I am loving this new perspective on our home and I definitely feel that it will be a reflection of Minnesota and some Scandinavian influence. The boys' shared room is next and it definitely is going to be true to Minnesota and have a camp feel with untreated wood bunk bed and fully equipped with some sort of wool blankets (my love for Pendleton isn't going away any time soon...) and I am finding ways to sneak some scandinavian influence into their space. Can't wait! Now if only my budget was as big as my imagination....


Graphic tee every minnesotan needs from Primp Boutique here --no need to live here to own it! | Jeans Elizabeth and James older similar here | shoes here | Scarf old (similar) here | Cardigan older Free people similar here

Wrennyn wears a red plaid from a local store at MOA | the world's cutest shoes here | and the most perfect winter bonnet here

Thursday, December 11, 2014

christmas countdown | boys holiday gift guide

The days for shipping deadlines are numbered. Have you got all you need in your sleigh? 
Here are some of our favorite gifts for 2014 holidays. All items are either on our list, we have already purchased, or we currently own. Hope it helps you give that toddler and tween the happiest holiday yet! xo 

The Ybike Explorer 3 FIND IT HERE - we own a go kart and it has been one of the best things in our garage! It is a favorite amongst the boys and it is safe as long as you are clear about your expectations and make sure that you constantly supervise. Why I love it? I think it teaches your child to be responsible and independent.

Monochromatic Smurf FIND IT HERE - who doesn't love a figurine? in our home our shelves are covered in figures and I love the idea of this monochromatic goodie. A brilliant unique find. Why I love it? Because it isn't a blue smurf, DUH!

Ripstick FIND IT HERE - the counterpart of skateboards. I love watching my oldest as he gains confidence, I think it is important that he tries things that are a challenge, I love the complexity of the ripstick. Why I love it? It is a challenge that will take time and practice, I think it is great for kids to do things that they might fail at, but if they stick with it, it will be a breeze!

Zoomer Dino FIND IT HERE - this interactive robot is a little boys pet dinosaur dream! Why I love it? I think it is a creative way to bring interactive toys to life and I secretly wish my boys were as obsessed with dinosaurs as I am!

Mr Snake FIND IT HERE use code VERYMERRY for 15% off! - this loveable snake is larger than life! Why I love it? The long body and the ability to creatively blend into any decor that makes me love Mr Snake most.

Urbanears headphones FIND IT HERE use code GIVETHIS to get 30% off full price items - cool colors and collapsable and extremely durable. Why I love them? this scandinavian designed headphone is a great way to shut out obnoxious ipad and/or ipod apps that I know your kiddos are playing. Also LOOK HERE for more colors

Zoku quick pop maker FIND IT HERE - extra 20% off with code EXTRA - We have one and love it! This quick fix popsicle maker is a fun and fab stocking stuffer! Why I love it? It has some great recipes to make some fun and creative snacks! No more filling up ice trays and waiting for 3 days before you can eat your treats! Only drawback? You have to leave it in your freezer so it is ready for the next snack time.

Sphero Ollie FIND IT HERE - this app controlled robot was first on our holiday list for the boys! It does flips and tricks and it blue toothed into their device of choice. Why I love it? It is a great bring-a-long toy option for a sibling that has to sit at their brother's practices constantly, or great distraction when running errands!

Kinetik sand FIND IT HERE spend over $100 use code WREATH for 20% off if you spend under $100 use code HOLLY for 15% off - a great sensory toy for all ages! Why I love it? a great way to keep your child using their imagination and being hands on. Also very easy to take along as long as you are careful. Could also be great while waiting at restaurants instead of offering your child a device to play.

Pear dollhouse FIND IT HERE - this gender neutral dollhouse is a brilliant and beautiful toy for any child on your list. It is easy to assemble and doesn't need much to make it feel like "home" Why I love it? read here to find out!

Hamburger device covers FIND IT HERE use code DEC40 for 40% off reg priced items. Why I love it? Who doesn't love a  fun and creative way to cover their ipad/ipod?! UMMM HELLO HAMBURGER need I say more?!

Thicket FIND IT HERE an environmentally friendly indoor/outdoor creative space for your little one who loves adventure. Why I love it? These creative play spaces are handcrafted in Minnesota - Hooray for my home state creatives!  Plus this one is named "The Wren" so obviously Wrennyn needs one! I have had my eye on Cheeriup since I spotted them last year in Mille, and I love that they now have these smaller fledglings to choose from!

Y Fliker scooter FIND IT HERE these scooters glide with ease using core muscle power. Why I love it? A fun way to get from here to there while using your body and having fun. What else is childhood about?!

Distressed pitch tent FIND IT HERE - I love the vintage flare of this canvas crafted fort. Why I love it? A fun place to forge a sibling alliance while being stuck indoors over the cooler months.

Animal parade puzzle FIND IT HERE - colorful, and simple toys are always a good idea. Why I love it? Ingela P. Arrhenius is the creator and illustrator behind these beautiful toys, we own other designs of hers and they are all very loved.

Happy Shopping I hope you have an amazing holiday season! Be sure to follow us on INSTAGRAM where we have some amazing giveaways coming up!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12.10.14 | grade school and other musings

Grade school and other musings.

There is this moment, when raising a grade schooler, that makes you question who you are as a mom. It is this moment where you feel slightly insecure all over again. Like the way you felt about yourself as a teenage girl. This moment where you like who you are, but you want to be liked by others, too. This time the others aren't girls you want to be friends with, it is those your child is friends with. It is this new complex stage where your child still looks at you like a shiny trophy, but then they also look at you wondering if you are really so great after all. They have now started to take notice of all the things the other mommies do. Although, they aren't seeing these things for themselves, they are just hearing about these wonderful "trophy" mommy moments secondhand from the kids who lived them in the flesh. They now have a new pile of expectations that they throw at you. And, just like that high school girl you once were, you have to think hard about if you like who you are and decide if you are confident enough to just make others deal with it, or decide if you are willing to change to try and seek approval of others.

The thing is I like who I am. It took me 30 long years to like who I am. It took a lot of pain to finally like who I am. So why am I so conflicted? It is normal to want our children to feel proud of us. It is normal to continue to seek approval of those who remain in our lives, but WHY OH WHY does it always mean we have to change??? I don't want to change. Ok. It is not that I mind change, but I HATE when I feel like I am changing into something that isn't me. I want to ROCK my kids' world, but I also want to be myself. I more than anything want to be myself, AND be awesome in my children's world at the same time.

So here are my thoughts.
Rowan, I love you. You are amazing! You are talented! You are more than I ever dreamed of. You are organized, and diligent. You are really good at taking care of your brothers. You are patient when I am busy. You are like amazzzzzing at sports. I really love that you are shy, it is this sweet, endearing quality that is both painful and adorable to watch. You always aim to do things the right way and it is pretty fantastic. I love that when you look at people you don't see color, or disabilities, you just see people. I love you! I love you exactly how you are. I may suck at waking up on time. I may suck at signing your daily folder. I totally miss the mark when it comes to documenting your reading minutes. I may not be able to sign into Edline and read your progress reports because I can't for the life of me remember the dang password. I don't make fancy lunches that are creative and will blow your friends minds. But guess what, that isn't me. I am messy. I am disheveled and I am AWESOME! I will never be a trophy mom, because that isn't me. But it doesn't mean that I am not worth showing off, because I am! Just in different ways than those moms. I am cool because I LOVE to let you make the biggest messes. I let you keep your Lego creations on my dining tables FOR WEEKS! I let you play basketball in the house. I let you stay up late on a school night to watch the entire Peter Pan Live on NBC when I could have DVR'd it and made you watch it later on. We go to every freaking holiday event that I come across and that is pretty cool, and definitely something you should brag about tomorrow at school. But most importantly I raised a pretty great kid. I really like how you are turning out, and though you had some pretty great hardwiring to start with, I have also been part of the tweaking process and, well, you have some pretty sick traits that I adore. I am a great mom because I want you to be yourself, because that is when you rock the most.

Sure, some times I don't have all my ducks in a row. Ok most times I don't. But I think rows are boring. Besides, I like squiggly lines. And I like me. I want you to be proud of me. I want you to think I am brag-worthy. But more than all those things I want you to learn to accept people the way they are and learn that everyone is awesome, it just might not be in the ways that you expect!

It took a long time to get here, but I am starting to like me. I hope you like me, too.