Tuesday, October 28, 2014

a new chapter | less things, not less life


This is our journey to a more simple life. Still full of color and warmth but simplified. A well-loved home that we will create over time. 

I will admit, when we were house hunting so many friends were building new homes. They were choosing all the trim and counters and they were designing their dream. I had my reservations about buying an older home, and now that we are here I am so happy. It feels like home. It has character and story. The yard is a little boys dream, and an enchanting retreat. It is most definitely home. There is much to be done over time, but I can't wait to see this house transform. I love the story within its walls and the many more memories they will hold. 

I thought that a new home and new environment would immediately motivate me to live a more organized life. That having triple the space of our previous homes would allow me to be tidy and structured. Truly I feel more overwhelmed and chaotic. Like I don't know where to begin, or what projects to take on. My mind continues to swirl around all the ideas I have and finding the best places to use our budget. We have this feeling that this will be the home where we spend most of our lives raising our children, So we want it to to reflect who we are more than any other place we have lived. We want it to be practical and functional. 

Through the unpacking process I have found how many things we have that really are unnecessary -- a life of buying things only for the moment. We are on a new journey now. A time to simplify. A time to clear the clutter and live a less hectic life. We aren't the young, naive family we once were, where we were filling toy bins with every new toy on the market because it would make our kids smart, strong, and happy. We know better now. We know that you don't need much to be successful and happy.  

I am not a minimalist by the means of the word. I tend to want things surrounding me. Now I can see how unnecessary it is. I think we all want to associate ourselves with the current style and Scandinavian trend that has crossed many borders due to social medias. I love the idea of less. I love the concept of an open space and not wanting to buy everything in sight. But I am not one who can live in a monochromatic world. I need color to feel alive. I thrive on things that make me feel something, and I love creating my world around all that I find inspiring. It is time to scale back on things. To create more time for family and more money for travel and adventure. So minimizing, yes. I like to call it bohemian minimalism. Less things, but not less life.  

So here it is, the new chapter of us. Simplifying life, and making the most of what surrounds us. Happy with who we are, and knowing the things around us only are a reflection of us - they don't define us. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

10.27.14 | we kind of like suburbia


Loving all things flannel for fall - this JOA one from Lily and Violet (find it here) is the softest ever! We have been running around trying to soak up the last bit of this weather before we start retreating to the comfort of our fireplace. I am actually looking forward to the days of chunky knits, cozy socks, flannels and hours spent at home this fall/winter! We have been spending a lot of time getting our new yard prepped for winter and I am surprisingly in love with all things suburbia at the moment. I love that we have space for the boys and they are already good friends with the neighbor boy, however, I can tell you I am trying my best to make our interior less suburban feeling... I can't wait to show you guys what we are up to with our home! So many good things happening and I can't even keep up with it all!


Flannel c/o Lily and Violet find it here // Bag Louis Vuitton here // Jeans here // Button up here 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

primrose park | mama style


Got the chance to pop in to a new Minneapolis boutique, Primrose Park. It is a gorgeous (and feminine) little place filled with great pieces that can transition from day-to-night looks without even blinking. I tried on a lot of girly little numbers that I loved, as well as, some fun edgier pieces that could easily translate in the workplace! The realist in me decided this go-to bag was something I would maximize the use of!

They are having a fun little Grand Opening weekend here in Minneapolis on Oct 24th-26th with giveaways and little treats, you should definitely get some friends together and check it out! If you're not local you can find it on Instagram here and she takes email orders! There is a little something for everyone!

ps someone remind me to invest in loads of lipstick this fall. I desperately need something to make my face pop. Anyone have lip colors they love??


bag c/o primrose park | shoes sam edelman (older) this style here | pants helmut lang here | worn out button up from here | cardigan free people here | necklace forever21 similar here