Thursday, November 17, 2011

animal heads or bust!

I am happy to tell you that Brinley goes into hysterics when he sees animal heads mounted on walls. We have a friend who has a basement full and as Rowan was cowering in the corner Brinely was touching and investigating each one. Of course, being only 2 he called them all "puppies" which is adorable. I am sure he would have taken them all home if I was nice enough to allow it! So anyways on to my dilemma... I wanted a cute quirky way to do a child's version. I have been eyeing these ones from Anthropologie for some time now. But $70 bucks is a chunk to spend on such a thing, plus I would like to do more than 1 so it is a true statement. Anyone out there have an idea of how I could paper mache these myself? I do not want them to look cheap and homemade, but any ideas would be great!

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