Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Since I have become a mom finding that consistent time with God has been tough for me. This past 2 months I have really cracked down and forced myself to find time to spend at least 30 minutes devoted to God every day regardless of the time. I always thought it was best in the morning (cause I feel like that is when every pastor claims to do theirs) but well as it turns out I am NOT a morning person. Like at all!  And God is ok with that. He just wants me whenever He can get me.... which is coincidentally whatever time my kids sit down to watch Barney. Yes, THAT Barney. I also am not minding that it isn't technically my time to myself cause the kids always interrupt and need things, but in return they get to see their mom striving for a better relationship with God, and I think that is really important! The point is we don't have to have the routine that we force upon ourselves. Sometimes, we just have to start doing something and in time it we figure out what works best for us. I am not always where I want to be with my walk with God, but He knows my heart and there is always room for change!

Just curious when other people find time to spend doing devotions, and if it is the same every day or not?

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