Wednesday, November 16, 2011

family portrait

I dream of the day when my family's Christmas portrait looks like this. It is fabulous, no? Plus let's be real, this has it ALL!  ...which is what families are truly made of! Glam girlfriend -check. Hipster  -check. Family dogs  -check. Hot sister  -check. The world traveler  -check (oh! c'mon she is the redhead with her hair pulled back, duh!). Geek chic asian  -check. The son who still lives in the basement  -check (you know which one he is. Of course, he is the curly, haired one!). Obnoxious tween in the background  -check. Rugged outdoorsmen  -check. Dumb jock (so dumb he forgot his pants)  -check. Snotty lil' sis  -check. Yuppy parents  -double check. Now let's embrace all of our differences and smile for the cameras. 

photo credit {Tommy Hilfiger F/W 2011 Campaign}

ps if you happen to know where I can purchase snobby lil' sister's tights pass the information along to me and I will be forever grateful. Thanks.

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