Wednesday, November 2, 2011

little dollhouse

Sometimes timing and circumstances get in the way of things that we think we need RIGHT NOW. I had wanted this little house so badly. Every corner of it was thoughtfully decorated. I was devastated to hear that another young couple were lucky enough to be the proud new owners. At first I was a little bitter- this house is "just so me" I thought, but after a few months went by I knew that the timing wasn't right for our family and that there were some important things we would have had to sacrifice if we had got this home. I know that not everything is meant to be, but part of me still prays that when we are ready to buy a new home, that this one will be back on the market. You never know, God has a great way of looking after us. If we never get the chance to own this house I will certainly keep it in mind when it comes to design and decor and thoughtfulness of the home we do end up in. Sometimes being inspired by something is just as beautiful as being part of it! I can't help but wonder what the new owners have done to it :)

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