Tuesday, December 6, 2011

pirate parrrrty

Rowan turned 5 and he wanted a pirate party. It is always hard for me to host a party in our small little home so we kept it to family only. Birthday parties are so special for kids I get just as giddy after I dive into the theme. The decor was all handmade by me and cost about a whopping $25 total. He could have cared less about any of it... he was just thrilled to be turning 5- he's is a real kid now! Rowan was gone most of the day with his cousins so I don't have many before-the-party-started photos. And truthfully I didn't take many photos but I got a few shots of some of my favorite things, including Rowan and his new Phillies hat and his new 3DS. He is quite obsessed with all his new things!

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