Wednesday, December 14, 2011

christmas card sneak peek

How I style photo outfits. Sometimes I start with a color theme and other times I start with an article of clothing that I purchased and loved. In this case it was the buffalo plaid ties from JCrew. I wanted them to match but not be too matchy since their personalities are so different I went with what represents each boy. Rowan- a little more prep. Brinley- a little more wild/ rocker. Andy thought I spent too much on the ties so I just came up with things in their closet to go with them. Obviously with Brinley's loud pants I didn't want Rowan in another loud pattern- that would make them clash. Really the only thing holding their outfits together is the ties and the white oxfords. I didn't add in any other random colors in fear that it would be too busy.... Hope it inspires :)

Rowan: both shirt and the tie, JCrew // jeans, Apple Smile // shoes, All Saints
Brinley: shirt, Ralph Lauren // bow tie JCrew // pants, Harajuku Mini // shoes, Converse

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