Tuesday, December 20, 2011

thomas and friends

We have had quit a heavy investment into the Wooden Thomas trains from our first son and it was one of my personal favorite toys my child has ever owned. He was introduced to them at an early age because he has older cousins- and well Nana is a little excessive when it comes to Thomas.  Rowan knew the names of most of the trains and could tell them apart by the time he was 2 1/2. Brinley has just started enjoying the trains and I think he is quickly headed towards obsessed. Even though Brinley doesn't care as much about the difference in the trains he is much better at helping to build the track than his brother was and is. I just don't think you can get any more basic and boyish than a simple wooden train set! Anything that gets there motor skills going and a little imagination added into the mix! Plus, they can't whack each other with swords and light sabers all day long can they?!

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Kimmy said...

Oh I love that little buggy! I love that he is now getting into Thomas just like Row was! I am sure soon enough he will be telling us all about them! :)Beautiful pics as always!