Sunday, January 22, 2012

bath time

Such a little kook! He sure loves spending hours in the bath.

 I took these using an app called hipstamatic. So much fun, and I like the distorted look of them. You have to pic out the lens and the film that you want to use before you take the photos. I seriously am a photo app junkie. I collaged them using photobucket. I have had that since I first got married but this is the first time I utilized it's features. I had to find something to replace since they are shutting down. If you have a photo app suggestion I would love to hear it!


Kimmy said...

Oh my word, that Brinley is just such a joy! I love his spunky personality!

ruffledsnob said...

haha good word, he is spunky!!

his little lady said...

aw, i love the things you can do with a baby's hair when it's all wet. so adorable!
xo TJ