Monday, January 16, 2012

i've got a crush

California... our first trip without both kids! Ever! It was a work trip for Andy, but we extended our stay a couple extra nights. People kept asking if I was sad to leave the boys, and, well, I really wasn't.... we were long overdue for some alone time! Alone time actually made us nervous, we didn't know if we still liked each other without the kids around. No lie. Come to find out I still have a seriously, major, blazing crush on my husband! Chya I know! Barf right?! I even got a bit jealous when he was out late for a work dinner. I know! I know! A WORK DINNER!  I guess I am a bit of a psycho romantic. And it turns out Andy still likes me (mostly due to the fact that I actually look halfway decent when I have time to properly apply make up without Brinley trying to help!) We loved being together but I also loved being alone! I was thrilled to shop while Andy was in meetings, which meant he couldn't stop me from buying things I didn't need. Plus, do you know how many stores you can go to without a fit-throwing husband 2 year old???  

I got in a lot of reading on the beach... and watched the surfers... turns out I have a crush on California, too! One day we popped over to LA and a friend showed us around... we won't be moving there anytime soon. Mostly because we can't afford it and mostly because, well, we can't afford it. We explored (I didn't break an ankle), we ate seafood (which I didn't gag on) and we even played some tennis (I didn't totally suck). We even flirted with each other enough for someone to ask if we were on our honeymoon. HECK YEAH! I guess we don't have the 7 year itch that they talk about ...oh yeah I think that came and went in the first year for us. We missed the boys terribly, we said "wish they were here" to pretty much every new thing we saw or did. Yes, we are THOSE people! We were ready to come home by day 6. We arrived to sloppy kisses. From the dog (who was more excited to see us than the boys were) Go figure. We are still trying to recover from all of the laundry and from the boys barely noticing we were gone...

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