Sunday, January 22, 2012

our tiny home

Sometimes living in a small home requires a lot more work than a large home. No, you say? Well let me tell you, it does!

A tiny home means tiny storage. No longer used bassinets or high chairs have no place to go. All those lovely baby toys and items that your children used to love, but no longer use (you know- the ones that you just HAD to get for your precious new baby) yep, those, they have no longer have place to stay, their spots are now filled with super heroes and lego blocks. If you were once a sentimental hoarder, too bad, there is no place to keep those wonderful tiny things that you will never play with (or look at) again. So off they go to find a new loving home much to your dismay. And if you are crazy and decide to keep some of them then congratulations you are now the proud owner of a snow covered car in 3 degree temperatures!!! That's right! Because there goes your parking spot in the garage (aka your new "sentimental items" storage unit). Another thing a small home means for toys is that they constantly make their way into the center of your living room (which is only posing as a living room, because it is really the toy room). Some toys don't have any designated spots. Games don't either. So guess what happens those wonderful lamps you love. Yeah they were the unfortunate bi-standards of a one-on-one football game in the loft (...which is also the play room). Don't worry the sentimental hoarder in you will get over the broken lamps. You didn't really have room for them in the first place.

The fact is, your formal dining table is now the perfect spot for painting, coloring, glueing, and play dough-ing. It is lunch time and table = craft center you know what this means? You are eating lunch standing. Again. Unless you get permission to use the latest art project as a placemat. In that case you thank your lucky stars and don't think twice about the fact that there is something squishy and wet on the project and you sit down before the offer is revoked. Now, lunch is over and you have no yard so where do you go? Oh yes, the basketball courts (aka your bedroom, which is also the play room because it is winter). You're bed is the spring pad propelling that wicked, dunking body towards the hoop.  Don't worry the pillows are sprawled out in case he misses. And you have finally done it, you have worn the kiddos (and yourself) out.

So play time is done. It is time for bed. Yep, you know what a small home means...  the boys share a room. Yeah, ever tried to put a 2 year old trouble-maker to bed in the same room as a 5 year old do-gooder? It doesn't work. Ever!!! Solution: put one to sleep in your room and the other in their own bed- which makes it a fight every night to see who gets to start in our room. Once they are asleep you have to carefully move one of them. It also means when morning comes and one wakes up they both wake up. Even if they got lucky and got out of the room without stirring the other. Once they speak the whole house is awake. Remember? Tiny home means there is no place you can't be heard.

Ok, so, the kids are in bed, you can't make a peep or they will hear it. So what do you do? Well, you  relax of course. You want to take a warm bath so you go get your lovely smelling salts. That is if they haven't been dumped out by your curious 2 year old while he was in his playroom (aka your bathroom- which you share because you have a tiny home). Your mommy bath bubbles and a good book are finally waiting for you!  You go to draw the water only to find that the bath water and toys aren't drained from the children's bath (which... you share, as well). As you reluctantly put those toys away for the umpteenth time you recall the fact that little B stood up and peed in that water. Which is why you snagged him out of the bath quickly. Which is why the tub was not drained. Which makes you face the fact that the pee scenario just disturbed the entire idea of  the bath, soooo, you opt for a shower instead. Again.

When the day is said and done you go and to kiss your boys goodnight one last time. You find that one has crawled into bed with the other and your heart melts. You recall all the memories that you created throughout the day. The intimate moments that you were all a part of. You remember what your 5 year old said about school- he learned about God and that He is watching over you always. It reminds you that the sacrafice of living in a smaller home also allows you to afford different luxuries. Important ones. Like sending your child to a private school that you believe in. That invests not only into his mind, but his heart and soul. You thank Him for healthy kids and 2 well running cars. You swear to yourself that you will not be jealous the next time you hear a woman complain about her 3 extra bathrooms that she has to clean. You also promise when the day comes to sell this tiny space that you will weep your eyes out because there are so many memories and moments that you have created here- tightly packed in- building memories and building friendships.

The thing is we love our home. Tub sharing and all. It may not be ideal, but it is our little home where we all feel safe and we all have each other!


faces said...

That is the sweetest thing ever- you can really paint the pictures with your words! Love your blog! And so glad you will have these documented transcripts of your children's most cherished memories! Love you!

The Zajicek's said...

What a sweet post and so well written! You are so right in that being so close together can help you create such special memories.