Tuesday, January 24, 2012

little fashions

Here are some things that I would love for my boys to have in their closets right now. I am super into color right now, of course, kids look great in any color scheme. I also think that color invigorates their minds and matches their cheery personality. I  am ok with spending a little extra on one or 2 items per season considering my kids tend to wear the same clothes all of the time. I also like to have fun with little boys style  -so a little costumery piece is always ok in my book - let them dream! Plus how cute would their little faces be in a mask with a bow tie under their chin?!

1.BHBKidstyle {etsy)  2.Stella McCartney Kids  3.Milk & Soda  4.Zappos  5.Crewcuts  6.Madison and Friends

1 comment:

BHB Kidstyle said...

Thank you for including my zebra mask in your fun finds!