Friday, February 3, 2012

bang bang

My father has this old photo of him with his toy guns hanging up in their guest room. I love that photo of my father, and I figure if my boys were going to play with weapons I want them to remind me of my toddler-age father, so I searched out some vintage toy guns. I love the quality of them compared to newer toy guns. I was shocked at how much my boys love them. I didn't think that I would ever allow toy weapons in my home. I soon realized that it creates a lot of imaginative play, which is more important than being terrified of their awareness of weapons. I think as a mom you end up doing {or allowing behavior} things you swore you never would (before you had children). I feel that as long as you follow your heart and instincts it is ok to let some of those rules go out the window without agonizing over your failure of giving in. There are bigger things to worry about in life anyways!

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