Sunday, February 12, 2012

valentine's day panic

I had a hectic weekend which left for little time to prepare my son for his Pre-K VDay party. I didn't want to just wrap a box in foil. I wanted to do something that really interested him. We had little time and few resources. The idea came from something my brother-in-law had made my nephew a few years back. His was far more complicated and professional looking (he had multiple lego layers) but we were in a pinch! My son seemed very proud of his box and didn't care that we didn't spend much time on it! Hope this help if you are finding yourself frantic or un-inspired!

WHAT YOU NEED: scissors // colored duck tape of choice // empty paper towel roll // Empty soda 12 pack (or any cardboard box) I used 8 small cut rolls. 
Photo 1: Cut paper towel roll down to desired size. Keep in mind the proportion of the box you are using. I do not mind if my items look homemade but some of you may be more perfectionist than I so in that case I would measure each cut out to be sure they are the same size. 

 Photo 2: Just to give you the idea of the look we are going for. 

Photo 3:Use long stripes to cover the entire box. BE SURE TO LEAVE A SLIT TO PLACE CARDS IN. Do not waste time covering the bottom... that is also how you will retrieve the cards later on. 

Photo 4: STEP 1- use a small square to cover top of paper roll. STEP 2- Use a long piece of duck tape and wrap it neatly around the edge enclosing all of the wall and covering the edges of your first placed square. STEP3- just shows that the tape with probable exceed the width of the roll. Step 4- roll down bottom edge to seal off the left over tape. Be sure it is flush with the rest of the roll. 
Then all you do is hot glue those on to your already covered in duck tape box!


Rowan working hard next to me making sure his cards were ready!



Cool idea!
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