Friday, March 23, 2012

caped crusaders!

I am a serious believer in letting your child be creative and explore. I am quite a fan of eccentric personal style, as well. So when it comes to my children I want them to have many opportunities to try new things and do things out of the norm. Even if that means going to the park in costumes. I want them to know that there dreams have no limits. It just so happens that some of my favorite pictures of my boys together happens to be when they are in a world of make-believe! I just love seeing them create a little world that nobody is a part of but them. I just wish that we wouldn't lose those hopes when we gain more knowledge of the world around us...

It's said that superheroes have a new confidence when masked, and that seems to be true for Rowan as well! He automatically strikes a few poses and gains confidence when he is costumed. I love that it makes his world a little more creative and wonderful and magical when he is typically pretty literal. Brinley tends to be more of an adventurer than a hero, he likes making new discoveries and seeing what kind of mischief he can come across, and when he is costumed he thinks it is ok to be naughtier than normal. Not surprising that both of these behaviors tend to be true to their natural demeanors! 

I definitely have to be in the mood to have days like this, but I am working on being in that mood more often than not. 

Happy weekend, now go and adventure! :)

Shorts on both boys are by salt denim / Capes, made by me / Rowan's boots by all saints / Brinley's rain/boots by kidorable / shirts are crewcuts / Rowan's mask is from the state fair / Brinley's feather headband, made by me

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