Thursday, April 12, 2012

why hello, little bunny


I am not usually one for joining in on public activities, but it looks like I am full of "suburban housewife" moments lately. First, we got a membership to our community center... and we use it. Then, we attended our city park's "Egg-stravaganza" that they host for Easter, and I didn't wear any make-up to it. I also am thinking of getting Rowan in tee-ball. What's next a mini-van?? If the shoe fits they say...

Anyways, turns out that city events are quite fun, sort of. There was an egg scavenger hunt that made the boys focus and work together (which is a lot of work for 4 boys under the age of 6). We played games such as don't drop (which also apparently means don't throw) the egg. Make an instrument with eggs and corn (I learned the hard way that you can't shake them too loud or people get annoyed). The kids got their faces painted and I don't think the pink nose was working in Rowan's favor because he got called a girl... twice. Wake up people he has short hair and is wearing sweats!!! And lastly they got to collect eggs to take home, which was a STRICT 3 ONLY rule. Turns out I am a rule breaker, and apparently suburban moms don't like when you try to have fun. No wonder I don't usually go to these events.

Although, being the renegades that we are, we veered off into an unknown destination at one point, had a surprisingly pleasant encounter with a deer, and the boys took a leak in the woods. I guess it is simple to be the coolest mom ever!! Ok, I am not completely suburban am I?! So, I suppose the other activities were cute (strict, but cute). But I sure am glad we got to have our own secret adventures!

ps I won't be getting a mini-van after all.
pss sorry if you have one and are offended. 

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