Monday, April 16, 2012

the quiet times

It is the moments where I least expect it that are the ones that {tend to} steal my heart. I have found that most of my favorite moments (and memories) with my boys aren't holidays or some big event, they are the ones that happen, right at home, when no one else is around. Quiet mornings where it is just us and the normal day to day activities. It isn't prompted. It is just life happening. Little words that are passed between the two boys are a simple gift to me. I love the things that they have to say to one another and silly stories that they share. Those are little moments I wish I could bottle up and never forget. Tiny moments that just happen to be overheard. It is those unexpected gifts that makes me realize that nothing else in the world matters and that I need to slow down in life and enjoy the quiet times. 


Kimmy said...

So precious! I love how they are such buddies!

faces said...

You are an amazing Mom!!