Wednesday, June 27, 2012

cabin day 1.

ahhhh, a wonderful minnesota cabin getaway. just as relaxing (and schedule free) as it sounds.
it was a wonderful surprise that the timing actually worked out this year for us to join our in-laws at a cabin they had rented. i am a typical girl, which means, notorious over-packer. andy refused to lug the entire house on this long weekend trip so i tried scaling things down. apparently i scaled back too much. meaning.... i packed minimal for the kids... i packed minimal for the dog.... and i packed minimal for myself. soooo minimal that i realized i did not pack myself underwear. yep! freaking out? yeah me too! i was sure they had to be there somewhere. i remember setting them out! i did! i also remember getting distracted by a little boy while i was packing. yep, that was it, that nicely folded pile of underwear were still sitting on my dresser.... at home. freak out again! this could not be happening! "go buy some" is what i am sure you are thinking at this point, but what you don't know is that the town we were staying in is the smallest little thing ever. a hardware store, a hair salon,  a grocery store, and a bait shop. that is it! i have no idea what these people do when they need new undies! amazon, perhaps? well, i had an idea. i packed rowan a couple extra pairs, right? yes! i did! i was thinking, "this may even be kind of cute when we go to bed, andy will see my batman lego undies and think it's all cabin-cozy adorable." and, yes, it would have been {probably not really though} except that batman lego undies in a size 4t don't exactly go up over my thighs... barely made it over my knee cap for that matter! what?! they have to stretch a little! that was asking a lot from this 4t. i was sitting there in my swimsuit bottoms completely mortified thinking "i am a 28 year old woman trying to fit into my 5 year olds undies is this what motherhood has come to?"  i could not ever leave this bathroom.  then it dawned on me, "swimsuit bottoms... yes! swimsuit bottoms!!! i over-packed by 5 swimsuits!" yes!!! that meant a swimsuit bottom for each day! i could leave the bathroom with my dignity after all! and thankfully it was too cold to swim anyways so i didn't have to sit around with a wet tush all day! it wasn't ideal, but trust me it could have been much worse!

 lesson: over-packing had paid off once again! and under-packing would have left me in batman lego undies that barely went over my knees. 
i hope you learned your lesson too: sometimes on this blog i may over-share. 

i do have more stories about the cabin, i will post them in the photos from the other days.


Whitney @ The Sweetest Things said...

oh my goodness your underwear story is priceless! at least its something you can look back on and laugh about :) Love all of the looks like you were able to relax and enjoy for five days!


THE COOKS said...

oh my. love that story! ha. thank goodness for swimsuit bottoms! and LOVE your pictures. can you do a post on what lens/camera you use and what editing program?! :) new follower.

ruffledsnob said...

ah, we are so happy to have you and are thrilled that you like our photos! Yes, I will get on sharing that information in my next post! Thank you! Take care until next time,

Cathy Anderson said...

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