Sunday, June 17, 2012

county fair!

we can't help but go to the little county fair that is held in a park near our home. it is quirky and simplistic, and, well, just a whole lotta fun! of course, in my book cut-off shorts are a requirement for the fair. so is eating cotton candy. my boys did both! for some reason we never plan ahead and just pop over for an hour or 2. we got there just in time to watch the demolition derby, of course, i was rooting for the only girl... she didn't win. i am not sure if i liked the derby or not... it was no kentucky derby... just saying... 

after some petting of gazing at the animals, we had some yummy treats. well, after we scrubbed our hands of course! and then for the rides. rowan is a freak of nature when it comes to his memory so he had to go on every ride that he did last year. and being the small and quirky fair it is there aren't many to choose from anyways. all-in-all we love this great little summer activity and excuse to get out. here is to many years of attending this little fair, and doing it the exact same way every year... yes, that even means posing with the creepy clown garbage can!!!

what they're wearing 

Rowan: both t-shirts crewcuts. shorts diy cut offs from gap denim. hanky as a scarf. shoes "goala" 77kids. socks target.

Brinley: shirt crewcuts. shorts 77kids. shoes creative recreation. 


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