Tuesday, June 26, 2012

closed. giveaway!

i have a wonderful giveaway (the first ever on pirates and peonies!) and i am so excited to share it with you! kara, is a wonderful girl that i met through some mutual friends. being silly and {somewhat} modern girls, we have kept in contact with via social media. her photos of her wonderful etsy shop knit one crochet two always catch my eye ...and give me baby fever! she was kind enough to knit one of her oh-so-cute owl hats for our followers - featured in the photo below.  

get to know kara from knit one crochet two better....

what first drew your attention to knitting? 
there was a little yarn shop by my house, it was in a barn and I always drove by thinking i had to stop there! i went there one day and i walked in and instantly fell in love! yarn was everywhere and they made there own soaps so it smelled so good! unfortunately they moved to another location. my dream is to have a yarn shop like that one day
where is your favorite (off-the-beaten-path) place to go in mn?  
 my favorite place to go in mn would have to be a place I recently went! grand rapids, mn has a really cute little cafe (and a yarn shop not too far away, all the food is organic/ all natural and they have a ton of tea and coffee! it's called brewed awakenings. my favorite new place!

what do you and your husband like to do for date night? 
we love to take drives and look at where we would like to live someday and stop at random places along the way! it's fun to talk and dream together! it's kinda corny but we did it a lot before we had kids and i still like to do it.

what do you collect if anything? 
i collect yarn! (of course). i started with just a little and now I have a hutch in my house to store all of it! it's even color coordinated and everything! most of it isn't even for my business, i just love pretty yarn!

what is the first song on your current playlist? 
i actually deleted my song play list off my phone so i could listen to my books while the kiddos are in bed and then i knit, currently i am listening to a book called graceling.

what was your biggest surprise about parenting? 
the biggest surprise -- kids take a lot of work! haha! people use to tell me that I won't understand parenting or kids until I have my own kids! it was a very true statement!

what is one thing that you do as a parent that you swore you would never do?
 i said my kids would never jump on my couch........ they sometimes do

now that you have gotten to know kara and her shop here is how you enter!

1. follow pirates and peonies via blogger or google connect (must be logged in to do so)
2. like kara's knit one crochet two facebook page here
3. like our brand new pirates and peonies facebook page here
4. leave a comment on this post saying you have done the above things! 
easy peasy!

for one bonus entry share a link to this contest on any social media source and leave a separate comment saying you did so! 

...and now i leave you with this gorgeous photo of kara and her adorable little family!
no wonder she sometimes allows these cuties to jump on the couch, how could you say "no" to those faces!

winner will be drawn at random this saturday using random.org
ships to the USA only - my apologies

we have a winner for our giveaway from knit one crochet two using random.org. we would like to thank all of you who entered (and spread the word!). it selected comment #11. congrats liz cousins! please email us your address at pirates.peonies@gmail.com. everyone please keep kara's shop in mind when you have a baby or need a gift for a child, her prices are so good and work is amazing!


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