Saturday, June 9, 2012


it was a muggy day and brinley finally got over a fever so we were determined to get out of the house. i have a great love creating new ways to make memories, and this very day was one of the most beautiful days i have had with my boys. they were on an adventure and a few little rain drops were not going to 
get in the way of their whimsical fantasy. little boys have a funny way of making a great escape from reality. our little make-shift teepee soon became the home of many new characters. there were so many beautiful moments shared between the  boys and i was lucky enough to be the one allowed in on them. rowan is just a sweet brother, he is always assisting and including brinley. it makes me so proud that we are raising such a loving, giving child. brinley is not quite into story telling and make-believe like rowan (give him time he is only 2), but he has his own way of making us laugh and adding a great joy to those around him. i will never forget how this fun little world that we created was. it became the catalyst for a new romance i have discovered in motherhood!
so here is to raising boys who dream big, shoot for the moon, and have imaginations that reach 
great heights -- may they never lose their ability to create!!


Eva said...

gorgeous photos! and the teepee looks great, so crisp and white. how did you make it?

ruffledsnob said...

Eva, thank you! I just made it with 4 small wooden poles that are tied together at the top. Then all I did was drape a queen size duvet cover that I already had over them, I didn't make it fussy the top is just hanging over and the bottom is loosely tied! Give it a try, it makes for a great place to nap :)