Thursday, June 7, 2012

strawberry fields.

the strawberries are finally ripe here in mn. and we love supporting local businesses. 
so away we went on a 35 min car ride to go to a favorite orchard of ours. the boys were not too  
enthusiastic when we left the house first thing, but as soon as we arrived they grew curious.
quickly they perked up when they saw their favorite cow tractor train, and with my promises
of a ride when they were finished picking rowan sprang into action! rowan was a superstar picker. 
he made us stop every time he saw a bright red strawberry. and he picked the most by far!
 brinley was more into snacking on the strawberries than picking (shhhhh). are we surprised?!
all-in-all we really enjoyed each other and had some good laughs which is what it's all about!
we can't wait to head back to apple jack orchards as soon apples are in season!

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