Sunday, June 24, 2012

toots and ducks.

there is nothing like the sound of my kids laughing together. on this particular day they 
were giggling so hard and i just had to ask what i was missing out on. usually i leave them be and let them have their moments, but i just had to know what was putting them into hysterics. well, i got my asnwer. toots. yes, toots! i couldn't help but giggle to myself while the lady nearby looked embarrassed at the admittance of their source. clearly she had no kids, or was raising girls! whatever the case i felt a little proud that i was not the least bit mortified by situation. the boys couldn't stop going on about it... they had tooted at the same time and were comparing sounds. "wow! welcome to a life of raising boys..." i thought to myself. i guess this is what many days in my future hold. my husband is one of 3 boys and they still seem to have these discussions once in a while so i shouldn't have been so surprised. i found it quite endearing that my 2 year old was getting rowan to laugh hysterically with his impressive toot sounds (if you know rowan at all you know genuine laughter from him doesn't happen often!) i love that my boys find little things to bond over, even if it means stories of toots -- if it means my house is full of laughter then i truly don't care that a silly subject is the source! and if this post makes you cringe, then i apologize! but not really, because don't act like you have never giggled over a toot!

the boys also discovered some really brave duckies while we were at calhoun beach. they soon found that the birds easily mistake rocks for food if thrown near them. i admit it is kind of  sad little game, but it held their attention for a lot longer than most things do. it was fun to see them play and laugh over the ducks! looks like they do have more to bond over than toots. what a relief!  


Whitney @ The Sweetest Things said...

That is so funny! My boys do the same thing and they're only 1 and 2. Funny that they learn this "skill" so young. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love reading your posts! Your boys are adorable!


ruffledsnob said...

haha! I am glad to hear it is not just me! definitely a boy thing! :)