Thursday, June 14, 2012

vacant parks

nothing like a fresh rain, to make a vacant park feel like your very own. when we go out places the boys usually get bored easily, our plan was to see if any creatures came out to play while the humans stayed tucked inside their cozy homes. it takes a lot of work to get modern boys to explore sometimes... so we brought "adventure packs"!! to tell you the truth they were empty and i got the simple idea from a friend i did a photo shoot with. and boom! easy enough we were out on the hunt. the boys were totally digging it. apparently having something new to carry around did the trick! we went all over the place, and found some great rocks to climb. as it turns out when it rains all the animals liked to stay cozy and tucked in at home as well... we didn't even see something as simple as a squirrel! a squirrel!!! we thought we saw a bird, but that was a false alarm it was just the leftover drizzle moving the brush. we had a good time even though there were no trophy stories to tell when we got home. and it won't stop us from trying again the next time the rain lets up.  


Eva said...

can I ask where you get the boys clothes from mainly?? they're always awesome!

ruffledsnob said...

eva, thank you! and yes, we mainly get them from crewcuts (by jcrew), h&m, and the rest of the pieces are randomly purchased from online boutiques that i come across. i will try to be better about posting where they're from, but you are free to always ask about a specific piece!

faces said...

This is such a cute day for them pretty sure they loved the hike with their sticks