Monday, July 2, 2012

the day we had popsicles for breakfast.

it has been a little crazy hot here in mn. if we aren't in the water we don't quite know what to do with ourselves. this morning i thought we were up early enough to beat the heat, but it turns out that 8 am is no escape from humidity. so what is a mom to do? start the day with dessert, of course!!! i couldn't resist giving these sweaty little dudes a little treat so early in the day. (actually we don't usually keep treats like this on hand in general.) so it was a fun surprise for them! anyways, this was a wonderful start to a fun-filled day. 

in the photos below i completely love that each boy's personality difference is shown. rowan is carefully avoiding be splattered on, while brinley is wistfully going through life without a care. true to each of their nature. 


Whitney @ The Sweetest Things said...

I love it! We haven't been having hot weather here in Cali but if we were this would be the perfect way to start the day :) Your kids are so cute! I love their blonde hair...


Unknown said...

i love brinleys shorts! and those plates!