Wednesday, July 25, 2012

misty morning

i just love simple mornings that call for an adventure. it stormed last night and that made for a misty morning. what a wonderful thing it was. a little adventure of worm seeking, and puddle destroying made for perfection. i just can't get enough of the little chatter that goes on between these 2. they have very important stories to share. i wish i could recall them all. or keep them locked in the external hard drive of my brain. what a wonderful thing if i could recall the things that they love to chat about. my mom remembers so much of what my life was like when i was little. i pray that i can do the same. it is too good to forget. i just want to soak up and steal every moment with them for myself. i am so blessed that i get to have so much time to spend with them! 

Brinley: rain boots and umbrella kidorable // shorts mini rodini // shirt crewcuts
Rowan: rain boots hunter // umbrella kidorable // shorts salt denim // shirt crewcuts


Hannah said...

love the run like the wind shirt. Kids and rain are just perfect. i love to run through the warm rain with my babysitt-kids

Amanda Cunningham said...

I have just discovered your blog and I think it's beautiful!! I love seeing what it's like to raise two boys because I have two girls. ;) You seem like a wonderful mom!! I have nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! Look here --->

Kimmy said...

So sweet! Gosh, Row is really starting to look SO grown up!

Unknown said...

CUTIES!!!!!!!!!! brinley has cheeks i want to eat!!!!! what the heck do those toys do??? is a old enough for it?!