Tuesday, July 31, 2012

nana's house

i just love that my parents live in the home i grew up in still. my kids are creating such wonderful memories with their cousins there. i couldn't be happier that they have had built-in friends since birth. rowan has 2 boy cousins born within months of him so they act more like brothers most of the time! he also has a girl cousin who is his age but she sadly lives out of state and he misses her dearly! and brinley has 1 girl cousin within months of him and they act like an old married couple - bossing each other around, yet taking care of each other too! my parents have a pool so we all gravitate there on these hot summer days and there is always plenty to do! from baseball games to catching minnows in the pond there is always some little adventure awaiting. there are so many wonderful things about growing up with your family nearby, but mostly it is the fact that they truly enjoy each other that makes it so perfect. i can't wait to see what becomes of their friendship when they are rowdy teenagers! it is going to be a great deal of fun! (...and worry)  


YellowDandy said...

I love your pictures! Just gorgeous. Although my parents don't live where I grew up, I like their new place better, it is so great to have family near by to take a load off and just relax
(I found you via Holdenonbaby, and a new follower now!)

ruffledsnob said...

Thanks so much Karen!! So happy to have you! And yes, I couldn't agree more, it is wonderful having family close by!

Dressing Ivana said...

I just discovered your blog, I´m impressed by your photos, and your kids are adorable..