Thursday, July 19, 2012

play ball.

having rowan in tball and soccer has been such a wonderful addition to our schedule. he wakes up as perky as can be in the morning and counts down every moment until it is time to leave. on soccer days this means a really long countdown because he plays at 7:15 pm. yep. all day consists of "is it my game time yet?" it makes for a long day.  

at this age is so much fun because skills (and interest) vary a great deal. the girls are in their skirts skipping around the bases and the boys like to kick the dirt. rowan on the other hand is fully attentive and insists on being part of every play going on. he is also a little, overly enthusiastic about getting other kids out. and well some times i feel bad for the other child, i mostly feel proud that he has such determination and skill. it is funny to me because most of the kids have no clue what getting out even means. rowan is pretty advance when it comes to sports knowledge thanks to his dad. which also means that he knows the coaches are lying when every game seems to end in a "tie."  i can't help but laugh when he inevitably says "there is NO way that was a tie." can you say competitive much?! 

 i will be sad when it all ends next week and we both go back to moping around the house with nothing to do


faces said...

This is so sweet!! Like the ultimate hometown USA - boys and baseball- never gets old!! L

Kimmy said...

OMG LOVE!! Rowan could not look any sweeter in his little T ball uniform!