Saturday, July 28, 2012

the basics

i love the idea of owning a fabulous wardrobe. but i am more thrilled about the idea of flattering and functional pieces. i love color, but it is not for me. i love that neutrals can stay in your closet for years and everyone around you is none-the-wiser. to me when i buy something if i can't immediately think of 3 to 4 ways to pair it then i am not likely to keep it. i need transitional.  my favorite basics have a unique fit or cutout in them to make them distinct. every once in a while there is a major splurge of some sort. it usually comes in form of a bag. other than that i don't buy very expensive things. but that's just me. however, girly things? yes, please! every once in a while i buy a lacey thing or two, but mostly i like things that feel like pajamas. who's with me! i don't prance around in heels often either. who's with me! i mean, i love them, but flats for every day life make more sense. let's be real, you know rachel zoe gets someone else carry her baby when she is sporting her sky-high-heels. i don't have that luxury. **insert pity party** flats it is. and i kind of like that they add a unique twist to a feminine skirt! i mostly just have grown to love function and longevity as a mom. it seems to be working!

LNA copacabana shirt // skirt  // bag // necklace // granny loafers // lacey things // dries van noten runway hair

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