Tuesday, July 24, 2012

what are we up to?

loving the summer heat, but trying hard to stay cool. here is what we are up to these days. drinking lots of fluids is really important, but it is hard to get our little guys to cooperate. we love izze! it is a great natural fizzy drink that isn't as boring as water. we don't let our kids have soda so this is a great alternative. we have been keeping our snacks light, as well! mostly fruit or yogurt with nuts, but truly our boys love summer salads so we try to give a variety because meal times are not as regular for us when there is a pool involved. 

i am living in maxi and sundresses. easy and thoughtless to style. the boys are harder, they run around barefoot most of the time... but when we do get them properly dressed i am loving seersucker in this heat! it is light and doesn't wrinkle or look sloppy.i always try to have a toy to bring along if we are going to be out for a long time. these kedamas are all over the place, my sisters turned me onto them, they are so easy to bring and don't have pieces that can get lost. it is great challenging little activity, for all ages!

i am a religious applier of sunscreen! every 2 hours minimum, and for myself i opt for a sunhat. i refuse to have sunspots all over my face by age 30! stay smart and stay safe -- we hope you are enjoying your summer so far!

 kendama // latte bowls // benedict sunglasses // bathing suit // izze // hydrangeas // watermelon

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