Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a day at the park

a typical day at the park with boys goes like this: get out of the car. pick up rocks. show mommy the good rocks you found. cross bridge and decide to throw rocks in water. get sad that you got rid of your perfectly good rocks. go back and get more rocks. put them in your pockets. cross bridge again, and this time look for frogs. didn't find any frogs so we are happy with our rocks. go and play at the playground and decide you need more rocks. go back and collect rocks. put this new collection in mommy's pocket. have to go to the bath room now. stop what you are doing and just go potty outside since there is no out house. (this is only allowed during potty training). think you are really cool for peeing on a tree. call daddy and tell him you peed on a tree. pull up your pants check for rocks. find that your rocks fell out while you were playing. decide it is time to go and grab a few more rocks. pocket them before you get in the car. get home, have lunch, and play with the dog. forget all about your rocks. you don't need them anyways you already have a big rock pile out front that is much cooler than your new collection. take a nap happy. wake up and ask where your rocks are. 

shirt LNA find it here // pants jbrand // shoes tory burch // scarf abercrombie // earrings and bracelet juicy couture


Laura@happyroost said...

Yep, sounds about right for boys. Love the outfit!


stikkymama said...

great report of a day at the park! Made me laugh. and congratulations on #3

Elizabeth Lenox said...

Love your BABY BUMP!