Thursday, August 23, 2012

back to school

get your little man headed back to school in style. keep him comfy, familiar and confident. no matter how many friends you know you have waiting, the first day of school can be daunting. help him feel right at home while still making a statement.

my little dude is starting kindergarten and i know that means a whole world of change for him. full days away from mommy. ahhhhhhhh! not sure who is freaked out more. ok ok, it's definitely me! i know he will miss me too (most likely won't show it) so i intend to pack a few things that let him know i am thinking of and missing him: a little treasured nap item to let him know he is safe, some new essentials like fun colored pencils just so he knows he is special, and of course a love-filled note discretely tucked in his lunch box. i think the first few days should be more about him feeling comfort than making an impression. besides, if he can be himself that is the best impression anyone could ask for!! 

pants here // shirt here // shoes here // backpack here // pencils here // headphones here // animal here

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Unknown said...

oh my goodness...I can't believe he is heading off to kindergarten! I think I may die the day that holden starts haha. Love those little shoes and of course im obsessed with the skateboard!