Tuesday, August 21, 2012


raising 2 kids while growing a baby is quite a task. i constantly feel tired, but i am determined to finish the summer strong! a huge pick-me-up is getting ready! i know if i stayed in sweats that we wouldn't get out much. it is a funny thing to get ready with no place in mind once we are ready, but at least taking the time to get out with the boys helps me beat those sleepy moods. things are growing much more rapidly round 3 and i am not a fan of my old maternity styles. i am liking more form fitting things this time around and this dress feels like one big comfy t-shirt! how can you lose with that?! it is a lot of color for me, but i love that! maybe it makes me even look more perky?? maybe. the only thing i hate about this dress is that i had to size up for baby guaranteeing it won't fit after my bump is gone **insert tears here** what a tragedy!!! this is not a maternity dress, so everyone quick buy it for your closet! and if your my size share with me when my belly is gone! (let me tell you a secret, it's on sale here!!)

dress LNA // shoes tory burch // necklace anthropologie // sunglasses marc jacobs

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Kimmy said...

Seriously could you be ANY cuter pregnant?! I love this color on you, so fab! And you seriously put my pregnancy style to shame! :)