Sunday, August 12, 2012

mini olympics

brinley turned 3 and the celebration keeps on going. we couldn't help but be excited about the timing of the olympics. great athletes coming together and celebrating their sport and their countries. so we had to tag along and do a mini olympic theme to get into the games. i was inspired by a mini rodini / la petite magazine shoot that i came across earlier this year. it couldn't have been more perfect! it was a wonderful day full of fun and celebrations. we even had a tissue paper torch that was run around the house in part of our opening ceremonies. my grandpa (who represents team Sweden) was beaming to be the opener of the games. i love the unity and sportsmanship that the games bring out and it was wonderful to save a little piece of it for ourselves.

 i just love birthday parties and it truly was a special day. we always celebrate brinley and leightyn's (my niece's) party together which makes it a tad chaotic, but i was able to snap a couple quick pics before the guests arrived. and then it was party time and i didn't have time for anything but keeping up. hope you enjoy the little we have to share! also i greatly apologize if your country's flag isn't represented, i stuck to simple lines and shapes. truly i am sorry!

team sweden!!!! team usa!!! 

rowan's outfit: gapkids shirt, mini rodini shorts (grey shorts were gapkids), american apparel socks, nike headband, gatorade bottle, goala shoes

brinley's outfit: babygap shirt, mini rodini romper. american apparel socks, creative recreation shoes


Kimmy said...

So fun! You always do such a great job making the boys' birthday so special with all your sweet little touches!

Nicole said...

what a fun momma you are !