Sunday, August 5, 2012

the day we went on a cow hunt

we spent a wonderful afternoon with one of my best friends, sara, and her children. even though it is a long drive to her beautiful home on farm land, it is always worth the trip. sara's home is absolutely lovely and though it is on farm it is not your ordinary farmhouse. in fact, it is so lovely that i sometimes ponder moving out of the suburbs! ok, it is always a short dream, but i do love my little fantasy. our day was packed full with yard games, sprinklers, bumper jeeps, a fancy doughnut snack, swings, wagons, guns, and a cow hunt. YES! a cow hunt! sara does have cows but they were back hidden away and well you can't go out into the country without seeing cows! you just can't. so over the electric fence we went. and after dodging cow-pies and fallen trees we finally made it to the creek where the cows were resting. the hunt had been a success, thanks to rowan and olivia doing their part by climbing the tree to spot the cows and make sure we were on the right trail. even if our adventure had failed we would have had fun laughing at the babies trying to not step in cow poo anyways. we even brought our dog on the hunt, and well she was in heaven being out on the farm with room to run, i am pretty sure she slept for 2 days straight once we got home! it always seems like far too long in between my visits to sara's house. but once we give in and move out of the cities we will live happily ever after as neighbors. a girl can dream, right?

i just had to add that her sweet little sullivan (sully) was so in love with our vintage guns that we brought that he didn't put it down for a single moment. he loved our wagon, too! sully, feel free to come and play/adventure at our house anytime, even though we don't have cows! i just love little boys!

also i have had a few people on twitter and my blog ask about my camera, personal style, and photos so to hopefully help you all out without being too repetitive i have included a FAQ page. it is easily accessed on my left sidebar. if you have anything you would like me to add please feel free to contact me on twitter/facebook/instagram/or this blog. otherwise i hope this page here answers what you would like to know!

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stikkymama said...

Found your blog accidently while googling for Mini Rodini. And now I can't stop scrolling through your photo's! Your pictures look like little fairytales on itself, WaaaW.
And I'm in: daydreaming of me living in the country, with my goats and piggies and every morning fresh eggs because I have chickens there for sure as well. Then again, I find myself happy in the suburbs, on cycling distance of friends, shops, caf├ęs, things like that. Let's keep on dreaming :)