Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the day we went to osceola!

love brinley's forced smile, don't you?! 

nature is brilliant! 

 how perfect is this bug in front of the local bowling alley!

like i have mentioned we love to venture out it to different places in mn and so on. this day actually brought us across the boarder into the lovely wisconsin. go packers! jk i am NOT a packers fan. sorry to get your hopes up. anyways, we had a wonderful day! it was brought on by rowan's quest to get back to this waterfall that we discovered on accident last year. and as rowan does, he wanted the day to be EXACTLY like it was last year. ha! kids... well, it wasn't exactly like last year but it was just as much fun. we even made it without any "are we there yet" questions during the hour drive. the scenery was beautiful and the weather could not have been better. although the waterfall was freezing we weren't scared to get our toes wet. wet and muddy is apparently a waterfall requirement. it was quite the hike up the many flights of stairs to get back to our car but we made it (without any huffing or puffing. barely). regardless of the millions of stairs we can't wait to keep our new annual tradition, including a stop at taylor's falls for rock climbing (which is nerve racking when you have 2 adventurous boys!) and stops at the local diners. YUM! frothtop rootbeer is the only way! 
until next time, wisconsin, xoxo

ps next time remind me not to wear white shoes. mmmmk. 

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Kimmy said...

Such a gorgeous little spot! I love the pic of Brinley will his forced smile, too perfect! You will have to share this secret location with us so I can take Emma there when she is older!!!