Tuesday, September 11, 2012


we have been very busy and behind, but last friday morning i got exciting news and  i thrilled to share that we are expecting another BOY! it was such a wonderful moment and it was so fun to see him moving and squirming around in there. we almost thought we weren't going to be able to tell the baby's gender, and then he finally settled down and we got a good view, i even i beat the nurse to saying it  - i know a little boy when i see one! happy tears fell and we enjoyed getting to see a little glimpse of who he was during the ultrasound. my mom and i immediately ran out and bought him a few special things! now we are just waiting... we are so anxious to have him join our family and see what little personality he brings along with him.

we do have a name chosen, but we aren't sharing until we make sure that it suits him once he arrives in early february. i can't wait to hold my new baby boy and i love knowing he will have big brothers to help take care of him! thank you all for being so excited for us!!

ps don't mind our sloppy photos we took them ourselves as we have been much too busy and were too anxious to wait on sharing our exciting news!

and no,  i actually did NOT find this photo idea on pinterest! it was all my own brain juice! haha

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faces said...

Couldn't be happier- the boys will welcome Jim with open hearts... Until he reaches for the remote... Haha love your family- proud of you little MAMA