Sunday, September 23, 2012

keeping up with the joneses

so, something that i have had on my mind and heart for some time is how much we all try to keep up with each other. getting away to the cabin this weekend without electricity and **gasp** social media really made me aware of this topic in my own life. i am not shy when it comes to social media (and the love of). i participate in most social media sites, and sometimes the lines between real and fantasy grow thin, especially where pinterest or bloggers are concerned. it seems like we are all trying to keep up with someone or something, whether it be a person or a lifestyle. seeing beautiful things plastered onto dreamy boards or "one days..." makes it hard to sometimes sit back and enjoy the simple beauties that are already surrounding us.

i have a tendency to be a dreamer as it is, so sometimes i come across wonderful things and it gets my mind into a spiral of events, thinking what would be life if i lived there.. or looked like that... or wore that... or vacationed there.. and so on. images are the number one way to make me wander off into an oblivion of "what ifs". the point i am trying to make is that most of the time i don't want the item(s) in the photos... i want that feeling, that moment. it is hard to decipher the two at times. do i really want those shoes or do i want that feeling that the girl is eluding in the photo? thus bringing me to the realization, who am i trying to keep up with??? well... everyone!  or so it seems. we spend so much time devouring what others are doing {and what we are not doing} that we start trying to "keep up." it is something i am constantly aware of lately, especially on a tightened budget. i have to stop myself and remind myself that i don't need what those people have, we already have a happy life without it!! i am not one to try and do things to impress people,  i am very true to my heart and my family and their needs, but being on social media sometimes makes me feel that what i am doing isn't good enough. it makes me feel inadequate by comparison. the truth is i am not a neat freak or a good cook. and seeing these people on these sites with wonderful meals prepared or spic'n'span homes to live in make me feel inferior at times. but the truth is, i don't want to be those people when i really sit think about it. i don't want to live my life telling my kids not to touch things or not to jump on the sofa. i want a much more colorful life - one with laughter and memories. and i am not claiming that those people don't, i am just saying that you can imagine their life to be as perfect as they would like you to think. but you have no real idea of what is happening outside of that photograph. or how many takes they took to get that one shot. or if they were fighting, smiled for the camera, then went back on to arguing. i just know a lot of us over-romanticize what others lives are like only to throw ourselves a pity party. i don't want to live that way. i want to fully absorb the moments that are happening around me. to take every opportunity i can to enjoy my family even if it means in our imperfect, haphazard ways.  it doesn't mean i won't still partake in social media (of course i will, i am a dreamer...) but it does mean that i won't try to look to those people for happiness. or compare what i have to what they have.

God has filled my life with so many things, and health and happiness being the two that mean the most to me. i feel with our latest  housing situation it has been easy for me to look at others and all that they have and i start to feel inadequate, but being away at the cabin this weekend, deprived of may luxuries (such as running water and electricity), made me look at things in a whole new way. i love simple. i love spending true one on one time with my family without a simple interruption. there was no one to try and impress or compare our lives to. it was just us creating memories and growing closer. it made me realize that what i am blessed with is so much more than our possessions! i have a husband who takes care of me and looks after me. we don't live life fighting constantly, we truly enjoy each other and laugh together (and at each other). and he is a wonderful, loving father to my children.  i have parents who are still very involved in our lives and who are always rooting for us. i have two healthy boys who love to adventure and at the end of the day still love to be snuggled and kissed and know they are loved. i may not have the things you have (and vice versa) but i do have all that i need and all that i have wanted in life, and for that i am truly honored. and one day when i do have a house that fits us all with room to spare i will not look to anyone else for approval,  i will just give the glory to God and take pride in raising my family there.

i hope that we can all use social media to be inspired by one another without it being a place to compare ourselves. there is no joy or success in comparison. but there is always room to grow and be inspired and that is truly what i hope social media does for us all!


THE COOKS said...

Ahhh, well said, girl!!! Love this post! :) Thanks for sharing.


ruffledsnob said...

aw yay! thank you!