Monday, October 1, 2012

an orchard wedding

ben + emily. they had a perfect fall day chosen for the outdoor wedding tying them together for the rest of their lives. it was at a beautiful orchard in southern, MN. if you know me at all you know i love a good orchard backdrop. they did a wonderful job incorporating the scene into every detail (which i regret not capturing more of....) we had a lot of family at the wedding so it made it extra fun! the boys were filthy with hay and dirt by the time we left, so i guess it means they had a blast, too! my nieces and nephews who are also in our pictures were both in the wedding and seriously how stunning are they! i love that it was so welcoming and there was much for the kids to do hay rides, hay jumping, bean bags, and even a bonfire complete with s'mores!!! i wish i could have a wedding re-do... oh, how wonderful and rustic it would be! 

(counting sheep)

(seriously this should be an ad for sprite, no?)


Kimmy said...

Way too cute! I love the girls' dresses! So gorgeous! And Brinley's "goofy" face at the end totally outdid everyone else's! LOL!! :)

Anonymous said...

How beautiful!!! I love all of these shots so much!

ruffledsnob said...

thanks so much girls!