Sunday, October 28, 2012


rowan's personal vision for his pumpkin... a bird. i love him. 

there were about a million emotions in the span of 5 minutes. creeped out. excited. grossed out. surprised. mad. sad. curious. furious. thrilled. giddy. and pleased to name a few. and no i am not exaggerating. if you don't believe me come over and watch the video. pumpkin carving has never been a big hit in our house, but the anticipation always has been. and boy, oh, boy have we been over-hyping carving our pumpkins. lesson learned. next year i am opting for paints and glitter, no pumpkin guts that make "tough" my boys cry. we are sticking to something fun and festive without tears and mommy and daddy doing it all. the boys each chose the carving creations. so i guess they helped a little.  at the end of it all it turns out our extremely homely pumpkins are deeply loved anyways. yay!


Kimmy said...
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Kimmy said...

Oh my those pumpkins are quite the creation!! Such a fun memory even if it doesn't always go as planned! :)