Tuesday, October 9, 2012

hunting season

EEK! clearly we need to work on our gun safety... 

we have hit boy stages beyond anything i know how to handle. my house has transformed into a hunting zone and there have been many {stuffed}animal casualties. i mean this isn't just your average duck hunt. we are poaching zebras, pandas and elephants! nothing is safe!! not even little brothers! ok, ok i exaggerated, bald eagles seem to be endangered species (so says the 5 year old know-it-all) so they are not allowed to be shot, whew. i also think this conclusion came due to the fact we don't own any eagle stuffed animals... what kind of american am i anyways!? sheesh. well, i am in an entire new realm and i can't help but wonder what will come of my porcelain turkey, knowing thanksgiving is creeping up and all, will it make it through the cross fires?? i hope so.

side note: my husband and i do not hunt, just in case you were wondering (mostly cause we don't look attractive in camo. kidding, kidding, kind of... not really.)

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Anonymous said...

I have heard that Bald Eagles are endangered too, but I don't know. . . perhaps in some areas, but not in NJ. I have seen some perched but they area also at lots of zoos around here too, so maybe they are.

These are cute shots. I have two sons so I completely understand what you mean!!!!