Wednesday, October 3, 2012

guest post: isobel || get to know us

so excited to have, isobel, from holdenonbaby sharing with us today. we met through blogging and our great love of little boys and fun fashions quickly brought us together. i love how open she is and her laid back take on parenting is so refreshing. she and her husband are a young couple who are taking great priority in putting baby first (which really excites me to see)! she will be sharing some fashion and style with us in the future so keep your eye out. in the meantime pop over and give her a quick hello.

hi pirates and peonies readers!  i'm isobel, the voice behind holdenonbaby, a personal style and lifestyle blog that follows a family of wanderlusting dreamers.  i'm a first-time mama to a little wild child named holden and we spend our days exploring, adventuring, and imagining.  holden is full of curiosity, originality, and impulsiveness, and my job as a stay-at-home/play-at-home mama is never a dull one.  we love hard, laugh loud, and play until we drop.
i’m a type a perfectionist who strives to shed this role to become the bohemian wanderlust that i know is hiding in my heart.  and although it hasn’t completely happened yet, holden has definitely mellowed me out and made me let go a little more and take a few more risks.  when holden entered my life, i realized that being a mama was what i was made to do.  i have never been happier or more fulfilled, and the first time i truly feel at peace with my role in life.  this is probably mostly due to the fact that i'm a true kid at heart.  i could play with animal figurines and stuffed animals for the entirety of the day, creating and carrying out grand story lines and plots as holden and i hover over them, heads bent together in cahoots.  i've always been of the creative mind and i try to encourage imagination, inspire inventiveness, and nurture a creative spirit in holden, believing that it's incredibly important to truly let kids be kids.
so how and why did i begin documenting our lives on the internet?
when i became pregnant, i discovered a realm of the internet i had never known existed, mommy blogs.  throughout my pregnancy, i watched as other mamas documented how they were feeling that month, what clothes they were wearing, and what plans they were making for the arrival of their little one.  i wanted to do the same, archiving each and every detail of this miracle known as pregnancy.  when holden was born, i again vowed that i would follow in these mommy-blogger footsteps and begin to record his every moment so that if not imprinted into my memory, they would forever be easily accessible.  however, somewhere in that deep fog you live in after having a newborn and my desire not to take a single ounce of my attention or second of my time away from him, i failed to capture holden’s beginnings.  too many times i found myself thinking, please never forget this moment, as i desperately willed my mind to never lose these fleeting moments.  however, i know that without concrete proof, too many of them have already escaped me.  of course I can easily bring up the big moments (his arrival home from the hospital, his first bath, etc.), but what was he like when he was 3 weeks old?  five months old?  nine months old?  it's hard to look at him now and remember that tiny, seven pound baby that was swallowed by the infant car seat on that first drive home and what was going through my head at the time.  it’s all flying by so quickly and I don’t want these memories to ever slip away.   so i started this blog as a way to hold on to every little moment in my little man's life (hence the title holdenonbaby)

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