Tuesday, October 2, 2012

guest post: moriah makes || on love and family

So excited to have Moriah of Moriah Makes guest writing today! We know each other from high school, good ol' MCA, but keep up with each other on social media (isn't that the norm these days!?!) She is a devoted wife and a young mom and has wonderful things to share about how her and her husband make it work.  I love her unique style and her awesome sense of humor, and you will too so be sure to stop on over to her blog to see more of her family's lifestyle!

Hello, PIRATESandpeonies readers! I'm Moriah and I blog over at Moriah Makes. It's a lifestyle blog where I enjoy sharing my faith, family, and creative inspiration with others. Hop on over and say HELLO!

Shaynah asked me to share a little bit about my family today, specifically my relationship with my hubs, and how we keep our love alive with two little toddlers running around. I won't go into details, but we are pretty into each other. Since having children, our love for one another has grown even deeper and stronger as we watch each other grow into the people God created us to become. However, I will be honest: it takes work. It takes work to remember to keep your marriage a priority when there are children in the picture. Children that need their butts wiped, their stomachs filled with food, and their bodies clothed. So, this is how we keep our love alive:

1. Have your priorities straight. God comes first, marriage comes second, children come third, other family and friends come last. If your priorities are out of order, then your relationships are going to suffer. If both of you have a close relationship with God, it is going to help you have a healthy relationship with each other, which will also help make you a healthier parent and be a healthy friend to others.

2. Know each other's Love Languages. It's so important to know what your spouse needs in order to feel loved and appreciated. And it's even more important to know how to express it in a way that they understand. My husband's love language is "words of affirmation." I'm not going to buy him a gift to show my love for him, because he is not going to care or even understand why I'm buying him a gift. The same goes for me. My love language is "quality time," so I'm going to be pretty upset if my husband buys me a gift and then runs off to the movies with his friends for the night. So, make sure you know your spouse's love language!

3. Be creative when dating your spouse. This doesn't mean that you need to have extravagant weekends away or even date nights at fancy restaurants. Learn how to have fun with your spouse at home, in your pajamas, watching a movie and eating ice-cream together. Bake together, read a book together, go on evening walks together, write music with each other, do laundry together, ride around in the car with one another listening to your favorite music. Whatever it is, just make it fun. And now that our children are at an age where it's easier to leave them with the grandparents overnight, we try to have at least one night date a month where we do get out to a restaurant together, alone, without babies between us. Date your spouse.

I could go on and on about we how keep our love alive, but I'll stop with these three most important points. Have your priorities straight, know how to love your spouse, and make sure to date your spouse. Those 3 things have worked best for us. When we hit bumps in our marriage where things aren't sunshine and roses, we look back on these 3 things to find what isn't happening. It's as simple as that. Oh, and a good back massage once in a while doesn't hurt, either.

Thanks for having me, Shaynah!


Unknown said...

loved reading your thoughts Moriah! #1 is so important I couldn't agree more!

ruffledsnob said...

andrea and moriah i couldn't agree more. #1 is by far the most important on the list!