Thursday, October 18, 2012

new generals

what's wrong with me? why am i now just discovering basics and how wonderful they are? i love this all organic line from denmark, new generals, they have such fabulous ways to pair their pieces.  they virtually make everything in your child's closet look better! i am loving simple and cozy right now with the cold months creeping up on us and i am hoping to find out how to get my hands on a few of their pieces! 


Hannah said...

there is nothing wrong with you! these basics are really wonderful! love child clothes... every sort of!

ruffledsnob said...

Hannah! So glad you are with me on this! xx

Anonymous said...

Yes, love New Generals too. Cool and organic too.

You can get it directly at or check out their store finder at for local shops around the world.

Oh and they just released a couple of the girls dresses in adult sizes but they are quickly selling out.