Sunday, October 14, 2012

the pumpkin patch.

Dear me,

never forget what your child looks like when they discover something new. always take the time to see things through their eyes. do not forget the way they look at their daddy. don't be too busy to answer their questions (even when rowan asks the same one 15 times). sometimes let go and let them find their own way. pick them up when they ask to be carried. hug and kiss them a million times a day. let them make silly faces at people. soak in the moments where they make you laugh. also, it is ok to laugh at their tooting noises. if brinley wants to roll in the dirt for goodness sakes let him. they are not little forever, don't EVER forget that. and most importantly do not ever think you have failed, you are learning too. 


minor de:tales said...

Loving this post, and please allow me to learn a bit from this as well, us mums so need a reminder from time to time :)

ruffledsnob said...

Thank you, and yes take what you need from it and ad on as well. We often forget we aren't done growing! :)

Anonymous said...

How beautiful your note to yourself is. I love these photos.