Thursday, October 18, 2012

where the wild things are


i love when my boys take over my bed in the morning. there is something so sweet about having their warm little bodies all scrunched up on our big bed. these mornings when all is still have been few and far between as they have gotten older, and with baby coming i am sure there aren't many of these quiet moments left at all.  when i founnd out i was pregnant one of the first things i told andy was "i can't wait for those mornings where we all huddle around the baby in bed and just stare at him."i love the thought of taking the time to just soak in the sweet little face that is in front of you. this morning made me realized that sometimes i get wrapped up in life and forget to enjoy staring at my boys even though they are no longer babies. i wish i could just sit back and watch my boys all day without interfering with their little imaginations. of course this would be easier if there weren't those moments when brinley rips the dust jackets and rowan and i both share a quick little meltdown. but honestly the new ways that their little minds re-create the stories that i have read to them time and time again is just so beautiful. to think that i am the one responsible for teaching them and helping mold them is sometimes a scary thought! as a mom i do not want to take away the characteristics that God placed in them, i just want to help them see how to use those gifts. i love that each of my children has a unique and distinct way of doing things, they are both so different from my husband and i, it is a wonder that they even are part of us. i hope to always take the time to quietly soak in what they are doing and watch them learn, even as they get older. i think it is important to let things go a little so that they can discover life in their own way. when i get too involved i make them do things my way, and  i do not wish for them to be just like me, my hope is always that they be better than me! 

i would love to hear your ideas of great ways to just sit back and let your kids do things on their own or how to help them use their little minds in their own way. i always struggle with not getting too involved at playtime so any suggestions would be wonderful!


Laura@happyroost said...

Love the photos! Their future wives are going to love these one day! :)


ruffledsnob said...


I haven't ever even thought of that!! Aw, you're so right :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

We too wish our boys to be better than us. I know many parents who hope their kids are just like them, but I'd rather that not be the case. Your bed is so clean. My sheets get so dirty so quickly because my husband has oily skin, so no matter how often they are washed, they get easily stained. I LOVEEEEE when my boys come into our bed to cuddle with us on weekends. It is so lovely to just snuggle as a family, so this entry made me smile because I totally understand it.

ruffledsnob said...

Victoria! I am so glad I am not the only one who doesn't want my kids to be just like me!! and aren't snuggly kiddos the best in the morning!

also funny about my bed, I have never even realized it looked "clean" haha :) take care girl xx