Wednesday, November 7, 2012

bear hunt

 here is to mamas who can enjoy that my kid's shoes were on the wrong feet all day.  xo

"oh - oh! mud! thick oozy mud. we can't go over it. we can't go under it. oh no! i guess we've got to go through it." 

since rowan is away at school brinley and i try to fill our day with more than sitting and staring at each other. so far so good. on this day i decided instead of reading a book we were going to act it out. we love books about silly-ness and adventure. one of my favorites (when i get my way) to read is "we're going on a bear hunt." so i thought it would be great to act out! clearly i am not a pro at raising boys yet... this worked for like 2 minutes, until he discovered ducks, then the bear hunt was over. didn't see that coming! even though we never did find the bear we did discover some silly sounds while trying to scare the ducks away. brinley is much better at this trait than me. apparently, i just can't get the right amount of pitch while jumping simultaneously. i will work on this. i will also work on making sure that my kid's boots are on the correct feet, because had we found that bear i am sure it would have caught brinley due to his shoe situation.

"...we're not going on a bear hunt again."

boots hunter // socks american apparel // leggings thief and bandit // jacket h&m (older) // hat mini rodini

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Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I used to sing that song in kindergarten (the can't go under it, have to go over it song). I didn't know there was a story for it. That is really great that you decided to go and act out the story! Beautiful.