Thursday, November 1, 2012

brinley these days...


you have such an imagination. your curiosity has lead to many funny moments that leave us all laughing at you, but you are ok with that. you love to make people laugh! the first thing you say when you do something is, "is dat funny?" if our reply is "no." then you go on to ask if it is mad, sad, bad or my personal favorite "is dat naughty boy?" you are so interested in what emotion your actions are provoking. it is a beautiful thing to see the wonder in your eyes and constant change of expression at our replies. you also have a million different faces that you make in order to try and get yourself out of trouble. other things you do to get out of trouble is say things like "i tooted in my booty, gross!" and "what the heck, guys!" we usually end up laughing (we only get a little upset that you got yourself out of trouble once again - this may be a good trait for you in your future so don't ever lose it.) your favorite things to do are run around in your undies (which are usually on backwards), chase the dog, and run full speed into the walls acting like you have made some great football play. yes, full speed. into walls. we wonder about you...! you are not at all cautious and you tend to destroy things including your brother's art projects. he takes great offense to this, but you seem to brush off his scoldings pretty quickly. in fact, you brush off any scoldings easily. you just bounce back into your good spirits so easily. i love that about you.  other things that i love about you... your voice cracks when you talk sometimes. you still pray for elephants every night. you jump on the bed with all of your might. you do things your own way - even when we try to show you the "proper" way. you sometimes talk in odd voices. you laugh really, really, really hard. you are ticklish. you still love to be carried. you give wet kisses. and you still let me pinch both sets of cheeks! i love you so much and i hope that you don't ever change who you are. 

oh, and ps, sorry that we no longer let you have books at night time, but the fact that you were eating the pages worried me. 

xoxo, mommy