Sunday, November 18, 2012

diy || bunny knees

we loved our "x" marks the spot pants so much we did a similar diy this weekend to give life to some boring pants we had lying around. 

things you need:
painter's tape
a fun "pop" paint color
a sturdy paint brush
pants that you are willing to ruin if things go wrong (you just never know...) 
places to buy cheap pants: zara, old navy, target or h&m

place the pants on child and find where the knee is, mark your painter's tape above and below the section, in which, you want to paint the "bunnies" within. make sure that it is at least 3 inches apart, because you want the ears to be long in comparison to the bunny head for a quirky proportion. 

take pants off of child and double check your markings and be sure this looks like enough space in which you have intended. 

now i always freehand my painting. just be sure to go slow and take your time, don't make it too large to start, you can always add onto the shape and make it bigger or fill in mistakes. the ears should be long and skinny. 

take the tape off and let the shape dry for 24 hours.

**WARNING** wash may be different according to the paint you have used. i used a good acrylic paint, and it washes up nicely. i just happened to have this color lying around. if you are concerned about that then PLEASE look into fabric paint or something durable for wash and wear. this was a cheap investment to me and was treated as such.

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Nicole said...

the cutest pants !! i'm so doing this !