Wednesday, November 28, 2012

::CLOSED:: giveaway || little z kids


the wonderfully, stylish shop littlezkids is giving away a $50 giftcard to a PIRATESandpeonies reader! i am excited to have the honor of hosting this giveaway because it has brought me to know one of the most fun shop owners on the east coast. e-mail after e-mail she made me laugh, and i LOVE to laugh as much as i love stylish clothes for the littles! i am so happy my little blog connected us! get to know here a little bit yourself in our mini-interview (she is a blast!!! trust me!!)  and stick around to see some of my favorite pieces from her shop and how to enter to win the $50 giftcard!

Q&A || Sandy Z owner of littlezkids
- What inspired you to open your shop?
I have always loved children's fashion and I always wanted two boys (score! got what I wanted!) I always say that because people assume that if you like fashion/clothes you want to have girls. Not in my case at all. When my first, Maximilian, was born I began my fashion obsession full force. I have to admit though that an early part of his life he was all preppy (POLO) or GAP. There are really not many options for boys...all the same crap with soccer balls or trucks or plain cargo pants. One day when I was in the city (NYC) I came across an amazing Japanese clothing store for kids. The styles were unique, colorful, mostly unisex and affordable. I would travel in often to get Max clothes or order off their website. 

When my second little man (Eliot) arrived, I was way too busy to drive into the city. I went to check out their website and it was gone! YIKES! I then took matters in my own hands and said "I am going to start my own company, import clothes from around the world and start selling unique-fun-unisex styles."

So I did. I put my heart into this and still do every day. 

- Where do you draw your inspiration from?
As of now my inspirations are based on what I would have my boys wearing or sometimes I think of their friends and what they would wear. I also have a small circle of "Facebook Friends" that even though most of us have never met in person, we have grown to know each other very well via kid fashion blogs. When I import pieces I think "Oh, this is perfect for the Ballard Boys (my models) or I can totally see Lucy Lou rocking this". As of now all my pieces are imported from some really awesome Asian designers and a fantastic Australian accessories company.
2013 will bring great surprises! Most of which will include 100% original designs by the "Little z Kids" family (Me, My Hubby, Max & Eliot). 

- What is the greatest challenge about juggling work and mommyhood?
Hmmmm.... Where do I begin??? There are so many different layers to this question which I finally came to somewhat answer only recently. It's impossible to do it all and be all. I tried, I still try, but I always fail. I want to be an AMAZING mother, wife, business woman. The problem I had was I always attempted all 3 at the same time, you can't. 

Somehow I figured out a nice balance and each day is very different. But honestly, I do most of my work when the go to bed.. because I don't sleep, ever. 

- How on earth do you keep 2 boys (18 months apart) busy?
LOL, they are always busy. I think the question should read "how do I keep 2 boys from destroying". I threw in the towel on this one. My walls have markers all over them, my carpets are stained with play-do chunks that won't come off and the windows have stickers stuck from top to bottom. But they do these things together, they laugh together and they bond together. In a few years when the boys are in school full time the house will be silent and the walls will be painted... 

Oh and they each have an iPad. 

-Favorite thing to do for "mommy alone time"?
Dinner in a non-child friendly restaurant with wine. Lots of wonderful red wine. 

- Favorite store to shop at for yourself?
I hate to give away my secret, but fine. I am OBSESSED with!! It is basically an Italian warehouse on the Internet. I hate buying designers that everyone around me is wearing, but this site has many designers that you can only buy in Europe. I LOVE IT!! I usually shop their twice a year season sale and get some really funky pieces. I dress like a Little z Kid, but all grown up. I take a lot of risks with my clothes (and hair). I wear harem pants. I also have always been and still am a Tomboy, so I do shop the men's section to get a few pieces and rock it out with a skirt. 

- The Ocean or Mountains?
Ocean. I need to be by water.

- Cats or Dogs?
Well, we already have two dogs (a chihuahua & Pomeranian), so no more dogs. I had cats growing up, so been there done that. 
If I had a choice of any other pet, it would be a Sea Monkey. Not the little sea monkeys in the mini aquarium, but the full human size sea monkeys that are drawn on the box. These sea monkeys are wearing clothes, they are walking around... do you know the things I would train my sea monkeys to do??? The possibilities are endless... cook, clean, pick up Max from school...

- Singing at the top of your lungs or dancing like no one is watching?
I multi-talented, I do both. At the same time. 

- If you were an animal what would you be?
A flying magical unicorn.

the end.

ok seriously isn't she THE BEST!? i feel like we are besties already! don't you? but truly my favorite thing about her shop is her wonderful attitude and customer service, they are beyond matched! she is truly out there to give you the best care, unique pieces and affordable prices - which is really important when we are talking kids clothes! you will love her even more after you see all the amazing things she curates in her shop - here are a few of my personal favorites

aviator hat here and le petit prince top ::coming soon::

stars and skulls pants

enter below: to enter you must like little z kids on facebook.

this drawing will be held by rafflecopter contest runs from november 28 - december 2 12:00am central time. then littlezkids will get in touch with the winner directly, good luck!


Lola Star said...

Love the stars and skull pants! Your boys are so cute!!!

Unknown said...

Little Z Kids is THE BEST! The clothes & customer service is to die for!!

HulaRoseNJ said...

Love your blog! And Little Z Kids!

Jessica said...

Love the dog gone it pants!

shawn said...

the Shark bite Sweats are awesome!

Unknown said...

We have always been a huge fan of their denim. Our fav's are the rock jeans. We get an insane amount of comments about them everywhere we go! <3

[e]liz said...

I looooove the Crayon harem pants! Little z kids style is so refreshing and fun!

Dawnelle @ Just Dawnelle said...

Love the Dog Gone It pants!! or basically anything!

Unknown said...

Where to begin?? DYING over the sold-out Greyson jacket, LOVE the spike leggings (brilliant), and I'm asking for the camera necklace for myself for Christmas!

analaila said...

WOW! I absolutely adore every single item! but my fave was def. the shark bite pants they're so unique i would love this for my little one.

Kara Olson said...

i LOVE the puffy vest & the park ave. SOOO cute ;)

Grace said...

My favorite item is the Suzie Mini Satchel.


Unknown said...

Although I LOVE the Smile Harems and the Purple Crayon Sweats we already have,,, I LOVE the new Coveralls,,, They are big on my all time fav wish list to have!! Little z Kids has amazing quality and even better customer service.. Own many many peices and can not say ONE bad thing about them...

Unknown said...

LOVE, LOVE Little z Kids!!! My fave is probably the spike leggings.

Carmen Van Deursen said...

I'm in love with the smile pats and the London cab tee.

4bowenbabes said...

I love the snapped necklace!

Sarah said...

I love the spiked leggings. I actually ordered them during the Black Friday sale

Kristina said...

That aviator hat kills me! <3 What a great shop!

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